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March-April 2015

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Dreaming of a trip down the river? Read about boaters taking a voyage of a lifetime down the Mississippi on River Trips.

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Current Issue
March-April 2015

Sex Life of Floodplain Trees

By Pamela Eyden

Silver maples are the first to bloom in the bottomland forests of the Upper Mississippi River.

Female silver maple flowers. (Hugh Angus)


Male cottonwood catkins grow long, open and let pollen fly on the breeze, which carries it to the yellow female catkins. They then swell with seed and burst open, casting seeds embedded in white cotton that float on the breeze.

Male cottonwood catkins. (Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service)

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Big Changes at St. Anthony Falls

Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock with a Tainter gate below the upstream lock gate. (Army Corps)

St. Anthony Falls, in downtown Minneapolis, is getting a lot of attention, as groups anticipate how closing the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock will affect the river and the bustling neighborhoods there.
Congress told the Army Corps of Engineers to close the lock on Upper St. Anthony Falls (USAF) by June 10, to block invasive Asian carp from migrating through the lock and reaching the countless rivers and lakes in northern Minnesota. Closing the lock puts a 49-foot waterfall between the carp and the waters of northern Minnesota.

On February 25th, Corps announced that it will reopen the Upper St. Anthony Falls lock for short period this spring.

The closing of the lock on June 10th raises questions:

• Should the Lower St. Anthony Falls (LSAF) Lock, only a half mile downstream, remain in operation to serve a very small pool?
• What will be done with the Corps’ property, which overlooks the falls near the heart of downtown Minneapolis?
• How will paddlers and other boaters portage around the closed lock?
• How will the closure affect the development of parks, trails and property in some of the most intensely developed and rapidly changing neighborhoods of the metropolitan area?

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Carp Catch 22

You may have to drive a long way these days to find a tasty chunk of smoked carp, fresh buffalo or other local river fish, and the drive is getting longer.

A spokesperson from Monterey Bay Seafood Watch explained they hadn’t approved wild carp from the Mississippi River because they haven’t assessed it. They do assessments based on market demand and availability, and so far, wild carp hasn’t come across their marketing radar.

For More Reading:

Greenpeace - How Sustainable is your Supermarket's Seafood?

Greenpeace - Carting Away the Ocean
2014 Rankings of Seafood Sustainability in U.S. Supermarkets

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Criteria for Fisheries

FDA "Procedures for the Safe and Sanitary Processing and Importing of Fish and Fishery Products" Regulations. Questions and answers.

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